"Having your own oil mill is essential to producing the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil."

- Nonno Pietro

Our oil

Our organic olive oil is a treasure of nature obtained from olive trees grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. With its fresh and fruity taste, it is a pure and genuine essence, rich in nutrients and authentic flavor

The oil mill

The establishment of our olive mill in 2022 represents a significant step toward guaranteeing a product of excellence.
With total control over the supply chain, we precisely manage every stage, from harvesting to cold processing. This, allows us to
preserve the freshness and quality of the oil, avoiding organoleptic defects.
The investment in modern equipment is not only a demonstration of commitment to innovation, but also a way to ensure faster processing without compromising quality.
Thanks to our mill, we offer our customers the distinctive nuances of flavors and aromas of the best organic extra virgin olive oil